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Emily's Emotional Empathy (Hardcover)

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Emily's Emotional Empathy 

Emily’s day was going fantastic! She was super excited to tell her best friend Amelia all about it. Amelia was having a bad day and Emily did not understand. Then, mom taught Emily about empathy. Through this sweet, colorful book, kids will learn all about Emily’s Emotional Empathy. 

Emily’s Emotional Empathy explores the friendship of Emily and Amelia. Emily’s day is having a perfect day, while Amelia is sad. The two friends end up in a fight and Emily is not sure how to make things better. Then mom teaches Emily about empathy. 

I’ve been a play therapist working with children and families for over a decade. I know this book can aid parents, teachers, therapists, and other professionals working with children in helping them to understand empathy and strengthen their friendships in the process so that they can see things from a different perspective and are able to support and resolve conflicts with friends.